Fix the cURL – Blank Response Issue

Today we show you how to fix the issue when cUrl not giving any response.

For fix this issue we need to know actual error of cUrl. First need to check cUrl is enable or not on your server. For this copy and paste below code on your page :-

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

run this page and see curl is enable or not.

If you not find cUrl then read our Blog  INSTALL CURL MODULE ON UBUNTU SERVER

Now copy and paste below code to check cUrl info :-


echo '



This code result show you cUrl info.

for getting exact error of cUrl , copy and paste below code :-

<?php echo curl_getinfo($ch); ?>

response show you the actual error code of cUrl.

For check all error code meaning click on below url :-
Click here

Now you get actual error of cUrl and with the help of the errors code you able to fix your cUrl issue.

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